Where is the Dialogue?

Several visitors to our site have asked us, "why do you call this Muslim-Christian dialogue when there are no Muslim views on the site?" So we thought we should explain it here.

This site is designed to be thought provoking and to open up discussions. There are many discussions taking place behind the scenes. However, we do not make these discussions public because we find that such discussion is not constructive and becomes a forum for criticism. We also feel that it is important to hold such discussions confidentially, rather than in a public open discussion, so that those who are genuinely seeking answers to questions can do so privately. It is not our intention to tell Muslims, Christians or anyone else what they should believe, but we are always happy to discuss the reasons for our beliefs and open to be corrected if we have got anything wrong. At times the discussions lead to us writing further material for the site when new questions come to light, so that others can benefit from the discussions.

Muslim Views

Our External Links page has links to Islamic sites that may be of interest. If you think we should be linking to another site, which is relevant to our discussion, please let us know. However, you should note that we do not link to sites that are belligerent or have used foul language. If you find anything on our site offensive do let us know as that is NOT our intention.